Decatur, Illinois, US

The Illinois Basin – Decatur Project site is located at an industrial facility in Decatur, Illinois, US. Located in the Illinois Basin, the storage target reservoir is the Mt. Simon Sandstone and the primary seal is the Eau Claire Shale. 

Microseismic monitoring at IBDP is performed using both downhole and surface networks. Since the start of the CO2 injection in 2011 over 19,000 microseismic events were detected by the downhole sensors and over 5,500 of these could be located.

The first injection from 2011 to 2014 occurred close to the Precambrian basement, followed by a two-year post-injection phase. Injection resumed in April 2017 in a second injection well within the same reservoir formation but 46 m shallower. The data provided by MRCI for use in this project include injection data, full logging suites, reservoir model, velocity model, and located microseismic event catalogue.