HNAR, Norway

To demonstrate the array technology also for background microseismic monitoring at larger distances to the target region, a temporary seismic array has been installed on the Norwegian coastline with the sensor setup evaluated for both its ability for noise reduction and signal improvement (Dehghan-Niri, et al. 2021).

A 9-element seismic array (HolsNøy Array, HNAR) was deployed in May 2020, on Holsnøy, an island 30 km northwest of the city of Bergen on the west coast of Southern Norway.

The nine stations are equipped with three-component broadband seismometers and arranged in two rings around a central site, forming a station network of about 1 km aperture (array). The array was installed to investigate the potential for improved background seismicity monitoring in the larger Horda platform region, including the target for the Northern Lights CO2 storage project.

The data will be made available to the project by Equinor (not a project partner) and NORSAR.